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LRSServer: nonLRSLayers: 19

id: 19

name: West Virginia Functional Classification Routes

description: Mapping of Federal Grouping of all roads within West Virginia as classified by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). Classification includes Principal Arterial Interstates Rural and Urban, Principal Arterial Freeways or Expressways Rural and Urban, Principal Arterial Other Rural and Urban, Minor Arterial Rural and Urban, Major Collector Rural, Collector Urban, Minor Collector Rural and Urban, Local Rural and Urban, and Not Known. Information included in the dataset are National Functional Classification Code, Route ID, To and From measurements, National Functional Classification, System Creation Date, System Modification Date, User Creator and User Modifier.

type: esriNonLRSLayer

featureClassName: GTI_PUB_WM.DBO.WV_Functional_Classification_Routes

isDataVersioned: false

versionName: N/A

dateFormat: esriLRSDateFormatStandard

fields: (16)