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Representation of the geographical location of Coal Resource Transportation System Roads (CRTS) Bridges. Locations of the bridges were evented from the Coal Resource Transportation System Roads Directory (current as of February 2019) and were verified and combined with field-collected data. In March 2003, Senate Bill 583 was passed which established the Coal Resource Transportation System (CRTS) in fifteen southern West Virginia counties. On these designated routes, coal haulers may purchase a permit that will allow for a Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) of up to 120,000 pounds depending on their truck configuration. In April, 2005, House Bill 3089 was passed which expanded the CRTS and created the Coal Resource Transportation Designation Committee (CRTDC) bridges, the purpose of which is to approve the designation of additional CRTS routes outside the following ten counties (Boone, Fayette, Lincoln, Logan, McDowell, Mercer, Mingo, Raleigh, Wayne, and Wyoming). Bridges in these ten counties are considered for approval by the Division of Highways (DOH) and not the CRTDC counties include (Braxton, Clay, Greenbrier, Kanawha, Nicholas, Ohio, Pocahontas, Upshur, and Webster Counties. Information included in the feature class is RouteID, route section, bridge sub section, BARS Number, date of CC order, county and county number, sign system , route number, subroute, supplemental code, direction, MP of the bridge, Fracture Critical Member, Recommended Posting for 40, 45, 55, and 60 ton vehicles, additional notes, spacing, permitted vehicles crossing at a time (CROSS1), weight limit signs (H_20Post), type of match to GPS Bridges).,any additional comments, and Lat and Long.

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Copyright Text: WVDOT Paul I Picklesimer, Program Planning Preliminary Engineering Division , James Underwood, Strategic Performance Management Division, Andrew Dolch Strategic Performance Management Division, Aaron Ferrari Strategic Performance Management Division

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